Welcome to the Government Sanskrit College Thiruvananthapuram

                The institution was founded in 1889 by Sri. Mulam Thirunal Rama Varma, one of the most renowned rulers of the state of Travancore. The Maharaja went on a pilgrimage to Banarse and he had occasion to visit the Sanskrit college, there mparting instruction in various sastras. Being impressed by the college, he on his return invited celebrated scholars in Sanskrit from different parts of India to start a new instruction on the model of the Sanskrit college an Banarse. Thus in 1889 the Sanskrit College, took shape in a temple at Mitrandapuram, housed within the Fort area and was run under royal patronage.The institution enjoyed the protection of the ‘ Rajashri’ for a long period of 35 years. Sri Chithira Thirunal Blaramavarma who succeeded him took the great interest in the promotion and propagation of Sanskrit studies a new building with adequate facilities was built for the College by the Government during his regime. The institution flourished under his patronage. In 1947 the Government introduced necessary reforms in the college and raised it to the status of a full fledged First Grade Degree College. The institution with a  glorious past of nine decades can be said the first of its kind in South India.