Best Practices

Best practices



To make learning of traditional  treatises more simple, attractive and objective.


Sanskrit has a comprehensive and unique heritage  ofteaching and  learning which emphasiseson oral tradition .The objective of the programme  is to make the learning simple and more attractive by using the possibilities of ICT.

Practice 1

V LIBRARAY isa collection of visual and audio form of classical Sanskrit literature. VCDs and DVDs of ancient Sanskrit literature, Chanting of  scriptures ,Puranas and visual mode of  dramas of Kalidasa ,Bhasa etc are a part of it. A few short films and movies also included in this library.

Evidence of success

The V library become a unique experience for the students and faculties. There is huge demand for the access to this programme from students.

Problems encountered and resources required

  • Collection of CDs and DVDS of various kinds was the biggest task.
  • Wider publicity is required to make a archive of VCDs DVDs and CDs related to Sanskrit classical literature.

Practice 2

Navaratra vidvadsadas. A  traditional debate on Sanskrit Sastras

Goal To bring out scholastic deliberations and interpretations on Sanskrit Sastras.


Navaratra Vidvadsadas is a traditional debate on Sanskrit Sastras.  This sadas was introduced at the time of H.H. Sri Mulam Thirunal during Navaratri festival. Scholars from various parts of India used to participate in this  event. Organising this   event annually got distorted many years back. As a part of restoring the cultural heritage of the institution the college started organising Navaratravidvat sadas every year for three days.


This programme is organised every year. Scholars all over India take part. Sanskrit departments of various universities, other Sanskrit institutes also associate with this.

Evidence of sources.

Scholars and experts in various fields of Sanskrit.

Problems encountered and resources required

  • Being a government institution conducting of such programmes complying with the norms and regulations stipulated by the  government was the biggest task.
  • Organising fund for the smooth conduct of the programme was another area of concern.