Bhumitrasena Club

           As per GO(Rt) no 45 / 09/ Envt Dated 27/06/ 2009 A new scheme entitled BHOOMITHRASENA CLUB has been started in this state under the Directorate of Environment and Climate change, Government of Kerala aims at grooming environmentally conscious  and socially  responsible  young  who will value the bounties of nature and strive to preserve them.

Over the past few years Bhoomithrasena club members in the College besides organizing seminars, debates, lectures, study tour, magazine publishing and agricultural cultivation.


  1. To provide Environmental education for college students and involve

them addressing environmental issues of the campus.

  1. To make students practice and advocate sustainable lifestyles.


  1. Organized seminars debates, lectures and popular talks on environmental issues.
  2. Field visit to local environmentally important sites including polluted and degraded sites wildlife parks etc.
  3. Organize awareness camps propagate waste minimization personal hygiene habits and sustainable lifestyles.
  4. Action based activities like tree plantation cleanliness drives within and outside the college campus constructed water harvesting structures in college.
  5. Monitor the water quality of water bodies in and around the college campus including drinking water sources.
  6. Clean campus and plastic prohibited area.
  7. Organic agricultural productions.

 Activities of 2015 onwards

  1. We are conducted a seminar about environmental awareness.
  2. Organic agricultural garden.
  3. We are conducted a waste management Lecturer.
  4. Documentary presentation
  5. Distributes seeds
  6. Tree plantation
  7. We are published the a magazine entitled Haritha Bhoomi
  8. Conducted a study tour to Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden, Pallode, Thiruvananthapuram.

Major days observed

  1.  World wetland day 2nd February
  2. World Forestry day 21st March
  3. Earth Day 22nd April
  4. International biodiversity day 22nd May
  5. World environmental day June 5th
  1. World Population Day 11th July
  2. Kerala agricultural day 17th August
  3. World Ozone day 16th September
  4. Animal Welfare Day 4th October
  5. National pollution prevention day 2nd December