Birds Club

A meeting was held at 31st July 2017 at college auditorium performing bird club for the academic year 2017-18 and Siri Girish M P, Assistant Professor, Department of Jyothisha was elected as convener, Shri Vinodkumar Kattumunda, Assistant Professor, Department of Vyakarana elected as join convener and Anusha J, Sandhya S, Anusmita LS, Lavanya B, Suchitra LV where selected as student representatives


  1. protection of birds
  2. protection of endangered Birds
  3. introduced different spices of Birds To solutions
  4. to know different Birds surroundings environment
  5. visiting of different bird science sense
  6. make a faculty to snow movies and documents related to birds to student


  1. Making report of various birds seen at campus know their difficulties and make a move to solve their various issues.
  2. Preparation of nest for Angadi Kuruvi(House Sparrow) to protect them.